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A Decade of Recruitment Experience in Thailand

Sales Jobs Thailand is a leading portal for people looking to work in the rapidly-developing world-class hub for international business and financial services that Thailand is becoming.

Amazing opportunities await people who are looking to work as financial consultants, advisers, and sales persons in this exciting and dynamic industry.

Whether you are an experienced professional or simply considering a change in careers, a sales job in Thailand could be just what the doctor ordered.

Working in Thailand will allow you to benefit from:

  • Tax-efficient earnings

As an expatriate working abroad, you can enjoy earnings that are taxed at a competitive rate.

  • Uncapped potential salary

Sales Jobs Thailand will allow you to connect with internationally-recognised and highly respected firms, providing a substantial boost to your potential salary.

  • Training and personal development

The training and development programmes provided will help further your professional accreditations and equip you with the skills and qualifications you need to succeed in financial services sales.

  • Exotic lifestyle

With stunning beaches, buzzing cities, and some of the most charming people you will ever meet, the lovely ‘Land of Smiles’ has enchanted many a traveller who has ended up calling it home. Now, you can be one of them.

  • Easy travel

Thailand functions as an international hub, with regular, frequent flights to global destinations in the UK, US, Europe and Australia.

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