Why Thailand?

Why Thailand?

The country of smiles is the destination of a lifetime for countless people. With its lush beaches, splendid architecture and unique culture, who could resist the charms of Thailand?

The bustling city capital that is Bangkok is bursting with the opportunities of a lifetime for someone looking to work in financial services.


With a well-developed infrastructure, a free-enterprise economy, favourable policies, and strong export industries, Thailand’s economy has been experiencing steady, sustainable growth over the past years, and things are only set to get better.

Career prospects

Lucrative career prospects are at an all-time high in Thailand, but it’s up to you to be driven, ambitious and hard-working enough to achieve financial success there.

The International Financial Services industry is a powerful sector that is aimed at helping wealthy individuals look after their investments and plan for the future.

With a booming number of international expatriates within its shores, Thailand has great business potential for professionals who can offer them intelligent financial advice.

You will be taught and trained all the skills necessary to start and build a rewarding sales career in Thailand’s financial industry.


From awesome jungle treks, to stunning cultural tours and food that will leave you with your jaw hanging, you will certainly not be left for want in this delightful country. With the fast-paced metropolis on one side and the laid-back beaches on the other, no other place in the world could provide you with the best of both worlds better than Thailand.